Nothing should move unless you want it to

nothing square

Improvisational duo of Sindre Bjerga (Norway) and Claus Poulsen (Denmark) combine manipulated broken electronics with field recordings and ambient drone elements to a captivating effect, producing music that is simultaneously bizarre and beautiful. Star Turbine has played lots of live shows around Europe.

Frozen Light presents new the Star Turbine CD – “Nothing Should Move Unless You Want It To”. Five highlights from concerts 2014 – 16 show minimal sound movements and tense stasis. But you never know what will happen the next second. Live concrete music vs drones and samples. Strange music for a strange world. Released 1. September.

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“Nothing should move…” reviewed in Vital Weekly


“Both men contribute to the sound, which is dark, atmospheric and drone like and yet never looses its experimental edge. Movements within the piece is quite minimal, perhaps along the guidelines provided by the title, but it is not a complete thing of no change. Star Turbine creates fields of sounds, moving without changing, but it is Bjerga I think who makes all the small moves here, his Walkman manipulations, as shown by the sixth track, which is Poulsen remix of Bjerga source material, which moves gentle around drones being slightly more upfront. A fine document of what they do in concert, I’d say.”

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White lines across the….. review!


“Pinched nip tweaks give way to that kind of chugging (kof-kof-kof)  riff that you find in both 80’s Thrash Metal and late 90’s Italio-House.  Before long a canard paddles up the Tyne with its booming fog horns and belching smokestacks”….. the nice folks at Radio Free Midwich gives our latest release “White lines across the void” a very vivid review.
Read it all here or head this way to get you copy from Discombobulate before it’s too late.