Space Ragas released on Steep Gloss


The 22nd album “Space ragas” is released january 2020 on the UK label Steep Gloss. Recorded in 2018 in Copenhagen using a fishing game, broken violin, bowed cymbal and the smallest organ in town. Or as the label says, “airlocked miasma and starbound dissonance”.

New Year’s gig and first release of the decade

nytår 3aligned 6

Sindre visited Copenhagen and we played a pre-new year’s gig 30th december gig CAM and Martin Palmer at Anders’ place.

“The stars are aligned” finds the scandinavian duo in long-form mode, mixing old gems with new recordings and Copenhagen’s smallest organ. As this is the first release of the 20’s, it is a limited edition of 20 handnumbered copies. Heavy ambient to start off your journey of the year.

“Sunstroke” and “Scottish delight” collaborations

fake head 2sunstr1

Håkon Lie / Sindre Bjerga / Claus Poulsen “Sunstroke” cassette released april 2019
Recorded summer 2018 when Sindre and Håkon visited Copenhagen – for recording and one private gig.
Håkon Lie – turntable, kalimba, piranha, pedals
Sindre Bjerga – fiskespel, organ, violin, tapes, toy phone
Claus Poulsen – C-bow, SK-1, bonsai tree, pedals, dinosaur

Fake Head (Grant Smith / Sindre Bjerga / Claus Poulsen) “Scottish delight”
cassette released by Illuminated Paths april 2019
recorded febaruary 2018 when Star Turbine visited Grant in Edinburgh, finished by sending files back and forth.


The Great Distortion review in Raised by Gypsies

distortion cd inner + tape.jpg…. it all makes sense now. This is in space. Something which we have not seen the likes of yet is destroying the crew of this spaceship and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. All we can do is witness the horrors as this audio was sent back to Earth somehow. At least, that’s how I hear this and it’s better than anything Hollywood has done for quite some time….. “the Great Distortion” tape released by Aphelion Editions is reviewed here by American blog Raised by Gypsies. Many thanks to Joshua Macala for the words.

Concert review – Star Turbine at Old England, Bristol, 12. February 2018

Star-Turbine-live-February-2018-1-1024x601Lots of tasty smashing, steel woollen rubs followed, Claus’s effect-soaked cymbal ribboning the frayed ferrics. The odd melodic malaise tinkering the fabric, gradually saturated in clawy chews and fractured dialogue. The slippage shivering in a tasty glow of no-input cannibalism and spiky thrown cymbal before evaporating back into the reddy green glare of silence. A happened-upon magic their excellent Great Distortion LP documents with precision.